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The Power of Magazines: An integrated, multi-platform approach always wins.

Print Delivers.
Magazine media remains a valuable part of omnichannel media campaigns

This comprehensive white paper illustrates how brands that focus on how media works together, recognizing there’s a unique time and place for all touchpoints, consistently come out ahead.
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2019 Digital Trends: Attribution: Stuck in a one-click world? Can’t justify your head terms, display buy, content-based email campaign, or any other top-of-funnel campaigns? Download now.

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2019 Digital Trends: Connected TV: With the availability of richer, data-driven targeting capabilities on CTV, advertisers can find the right audience wherever they are, regardless of the channel, and in any given time slot.

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2019 Digital Trends: Artificial Intelligence: Utilizing data from content platforms such as social media and blog posts, AI helps brands understand how customers find and use their products and services.

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2019 Digital Trends: Audio Streaming: The immersive experience of audio streaming is growing, and brand are listening. They’re finding new ways to integrate offerings into platforms ranging from gaming consoles to podcasts to automobiles.

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2019 Digital Trends: Voice Technology: By 2019, over 30% of the U.S. population will use voice assistants at least once a month, while nearly 23% of the population will use smart speakers at least monthly by 2020.

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2019 Digital Trends: Blockchain: What started as a revolution in finance is now extending its arms into almost every other industry—from retail to healthcare to adverting.

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2019 Digital Trends: Programmatic: As buyers remain wary about issues of transparency and quality of open markets, a major portion of programmatic ad spending will go toward private setups.

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2018 Holiday Season Guide for Marketers: Everything you need to know to master your holiday sales.

‘Tis the Season! Now is the time to plan your 2018 holiday marketing campaigns.

Brands that start planning their holiday campaigns early increase their chances of getting their share of the holiday pie.
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Generation Z: Unique & Powerful

Gen Z is a highly sought-after audience. Make sure you know how to connect with them.

For brands willing to speak to Gen Z—and listen to them—the rewards will be profound. The key, of course is speaking their language.

Who are the members of Generation Z? What are their values? How are they different from other generations?  Gen Z-ers are definitively not “Millennials 2.0”  They are 72.8 million strong and by 2020 will account for 40% of all consumers.  They are smart, savvy and they are change agents.  For brands willing and able to speak to Gen Z – and listen to them – the rewards are real.   
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Sign Me Up: Why Subscription-Based Models are on the Rise

What’s causing the explosion of subscription-based business models?

Introducing Sign Me Up: Why Subscription-Based Models are on the Rise. It’s packed with insights and trends about where the SubCom industry came from, where it’s going, and how brands across categories are using it to get their hands on consumers’ dollars and data

In April 2017, subscription company websites had 37 million visitors, an increase of 831% from 2014. Marketers need to capitalize on the popularity of subcom services, and the mentality behind their growth, by constantly using data to create a personalized experience for consumers.
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Digital Marketing 101: Pharma: Navigating the sometimes-challenging world of Digital Pharma Marketing.

Pharma Marketers: Don’t be afraid of digital. It’s never been easier to reach your health-focused audience.

From protecting consumer privacy to complying with federal regulations, digital pharma marketing comes with its own set of challenges. But new technology and targeting tactics make it easier than ever to connect with your most sought-after audience.

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There’s No Boring In B2B Advertising

B2B decision makers are evolving. B2B marketers need to keep up.

77% of B2B purchasers start the decision making process with a web search.

Source: Marketo. “SEO for B2B: 3 Reasons Why you Can’t Avoid it Anymore.”

There’s No Boring in B2B Advertising provides an overview of the dramatic shift B2B marketing has taken, and the creative opportunities this evolution means for B2B marketers.  
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Data Download: The big deal on big data from those who use it best.

A Primer on Data for Today’s Marketer.

but it’s taken on a life of its own in the last 24 months. Both agencies and clients have been leveraging the power of data with varied success, until now.

Marketers in every industry are focused on Big Data—what it is, where to get it, and what to do with it. That’s why we created the 2017 Data Download. It’s filled with actionable information and insights about how marketers can make Big Data work for them, their brands, and their clients. It’s everything marketers need to put their data to work to deliver real business value and gain a competitive edge.
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Multiscreen White Paper

People are glued to their screens, big and small.

More people are spending more time using more screens than ever before.

People of all generations use an average of 4.1 digital devices every day.

Source: State of Consumers & Technology, Forrester Research, October, 2015.

The multiscreen explosion, and what it means to marketers. A whitepaper designed for everyone with a target audience. Created by audience strategists.
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Trends Presentations

Grocery/CPG: • How brick-and-mortar grocery stores can combat the rise of food delivery apps and meal kit deliveries.

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Baby Products/Gear: Baby brands are reaching their audience across numerous channels, especially digital and magazine advertising.

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COLLEGE BOUND: Colleges and universities need to market themselves differently than other industries.

A guide to reaching the right audience at the right time,from prospective students to the people who influence them.

College attendance is expected to grow 15% by 2025. Learn the how to deliver the right message to the right audience.

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Intent and Purchase Targeting: Influencing purchase through advanced data analytics, past purchase behavior, and online user data.

Marketers are gobbling up data wherever they can find it the key is knowing what to do with it.

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Digital Out-Of-Home Trends: Understanding Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising

Q: Can something as traditional as out-of-home compete with digital advertising? A: It doesn’t have to.

Digital OOH combines the appeal of visual media with location-specific messaging, making this form of advertising targeted, un-skippable, and interactive

With the infusion of data-driven tactics, programmatic buying, mobile retargeting, and snazzy tech upgrades, digital OOH presents a way for savvy consumers to interact with brands like never before.
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Inside the Vault: Marketing Strategy for the Banking and Finance Industry

2018 banking and finance trends that will help you connect with your most coveted audiences.

This comprehensive deck is loaded with essential information that marketers that mean business need to know—including the current state of banking, who the American banking consumer is, how to reach him/her, and emerging banking trends.

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ALWAYS GROWING: Agriculture Industry Trends & Insights

22 pages of agriculture industry media stats, facts, and trends.


Globally, 2017 is expected to present $134 billion in exports, a $1 billion growth from 2016.
The majority of this growth is forecast to arise from grain and feed exports, projected to reach $29.6 billion, a $300 million increase from 2016. The main component of this growth is stronger wheat and corn production to account for a weaker rice export. Wheat and corn join cotton, and soybeans as the most commonly exported seeds.

The United States is expected to lead all developed nations with just over 2.1% annual growth in 2017.

The Agriculture Industry Factbook is packed with valuable information on the industry landscape, advertising trends, and solutions. It’s a comprehensive resource that will help craft successful multi-media campaign strategies that connect with precise agriculture audiences.
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Deck the Malls: 2017 Holiday Trends

Our gift to you: insights on how to get your share of holiday consumer spend.

It’s never too soon to start preparing for the holiday season, and we’ve got the insights that will help you capture those holiday 2017 shopping dollars!
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Marketing to Generations: Best Practices for Best Results.

Boomers and Millennials think differently. Don’t use the same marketing tactics to reach them.

All the facts you need to know about the most powerful generations, right at your fingertips.
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Take A Trip: 2017 Travel Industry Factbook

49 pages of travel industry media stats, facts, and trends.

The 2017 Travel Industry Facebook is a comprehensive guide to travel industry marketing. It's filled with insights that will help marketers develop powerful and successful travel campaigns.
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2017 Tech Industry Trends: A Comprehensive Resource for Every Industry

Know what’s new, and what’s next.

This comprehensive resource is filled with valuable information that impacts every industry, including actionable insights about how technology will affect consumer buying habits this year.


Source: Forbes, 2015.

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2017 Digital Marketing Trends: 7 Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

The digital world is evolving, and marketers need to stay ahead, not just keep up.

The 2017 Digital Marketing Trends Deck is filled with actionable insights that focus on the industry trends that have the most potential to help you reach your digital marketing goals this year.
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Multicultural Audience Factbook: Audience Insights & Trends

A multicultural audience analysis.

The Multicultural Factbook shows how different cultures consume media, and how marketers can tap into these consumers’ robust purchasing power.

U.S. multicultural consumers are a quickly growing audience segment with increasingly aggressive buying power. Stay in-the-know about the youngest and fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population, focusing specifically on the three largest groups: Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians.
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Get In Gear: 2017 Automotive Industry Factbook

Start Your Engines—
The auto industry will be the top ad spender in 2017, with over $44 billion in advertising.

This 2017 Auto Factbook is packed with all the insights and trends that will impact upcoming auto ad spending. It’s a valuable resource for anyone developing a comprehensive digital media strategy aimed at an auto-focused audience.
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The Inside Scoop: 2017 CPG Industry Factbook

The 2017 CPG Factbook features insights that CPG marketers need to reach consumers when and where they’re shopping.


Source: NCS Announces ROAS Benchmarks Across
Media | Nielsen Catalina Solutions

The 2017 CPG Industry Facebook is full of useful data trends. From audience insights to the power effects of print on the CPG industry, this factbook is a comprehensive resources for CPG marketers.
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Millennial Consumers—Trends and Insights

Marketing to Millennials will help you connect with this sought-after audience of spenders.

Millennial consumers are highly coveted by marketers because they’re beginning to shape their shopping behavior and they have real spending power.

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Case Studies

Case Study: Travel & Tourism

Kukui'ula, a luxury community on the South Shore of Kaua'i, Hawaii, used an innovative and eye-catching Cover Wrap campaign to reach their precise audience. Our audience analysis revealed that prospective Kukui'ula residents have a passion for travel and adventure, so Travel + Leisure magazine was the perfect fit. Click to read more about how a beautiful, engaging Cover Wrap campaign helped Kukui'ula connect with their audience.
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Digital Marketing Trends 2018

10 Hot Trends that will impact your digital marketing strategy this year.

The Digital Media Trends 2018 Infographic will help you focus your digital marketing approach next year, with a deep dive into ten trends that will drive digital media strategy in the short- and long-term.
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